End Data Protection Solution


End Point Data Protection

End User Data Protection

Security Solutions secure the organizations perimeter, Endpoint Data Protection Solutions are needed to secure the weakest link in organizations – The End User.

Unrestricted data transfer to removable devices like USB and CD/DVD drives, or through web, mail, IM, P2P applications and more is resulting in rising security breaches. While organizations are struggling to define their data loss prevention needs comprehensively, Endpoint Data Protection has emerged as the critical immediate step. Simultaneously, presence of branch offices, rise in sophisticated attacks and the resultant bugs and vulnerabilities are necessitating centralized, automated asset management at the endpoint. Prevention of data leakage across distributed offices and mobile workforce further lowers legal liability and business losses.

With Efficloud, Enterprises can now confidently secure sensitive data, personnel records, government secrets, and intellectual property at risk with Endpoint Data Protection.

End User Data Protection

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