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The continuity of your business is very important and needs to remain advanced concerning technology and all it has to offer. Using innovative Cloud computing solutions allows you to experience an uninterrupted flow of business with immediate access to your data despite any unplanned disruptions. A business can experience many types of disruptions that keep them from being productive such as a natural disaster, equipment failure, extreme weather, major events, network outages, and employees that have fallen ill. When you are using the exemplary services of Cloud computing service providers you are guaranteed that your core system will always remain available and running so all of your employees have access to essential resources and applications that are detrimental to the success of your business.

Utilize Our Efficloud Business Continuity Solutions

At Efficloud we guarantee that you will have complete access to all of your applications and data no matter where you are or when you need access. You can virtualize your entire office with us or failover critical services in very little time so you can eliminate any downtime you would otherwise experience. We can assist you in streamlining your business so you can focus on other important matters. Other services we offer include effiBase which is a platform as a service option, effiApp which is a software as a service option, and effiCompute which is an infrastructure as a service option. No matter which options you choose, we are ready to assist our clients with Cloud technology solutions that fit their exact business model.

Cloud Computing Services Provide the Following Advantages:

• Business Continuity
• Archival Services
• Enterprise Security Solutions
• Enterprise Data Protection
• End Point Data Protection
• End User Security Solutions
• ERP Hosting on Cloud Solutions

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